What to Expect in Psychic Surgery
and Porsha's Other Healing Techniques



PictureIf you have received Reiki energy before then you will have some idea
of what to expect.  People have reported feeling some sensation in the area being worked on by the surgeons.  They may feel a pressure or some other noticeable sensation such as warmth during the psychic surgery healing.  This is not uncommon and is often welcomed as it is a sign of the shift taking place in the cells of the area that need attention. All sessions except BARS can be done long distance to anywhere in the world and the experience is no different than having a session in person.

A psychic surgery session starts with a conversation that you and I will have by phone or email regarding why you are seeking help so that you can explain what your medical ailment is, how long you have had it & the origins of it, etc.  I receive channeled information regarding you and your issue during the conversation that often is very helpful and comforting to you and can be the beginning of your body’s own healing process.  We will schedule a time for the healing session that can take place long distance to any location in the world.  I will follow up with a written email after the session to let you know the major areas that were worked on.  As I heal, I often visualize light energy and can tell you where I was aware of light being sent.  If I receive any messages during the healing I include those as well.

Before the Psychic Surgery Portion of the Total Healing Surgery Package a Massive Clearing Session is done to rid you of any negativity or imbalances and to adjust or correct things that need attention.  I am guided as to how to customize this clearing for you and this prepares you to receive the pure healing energies during the surgical procedure.   This clearing alone often contributes to someone feeling much better and more in balance and will produce a thorough healing process for you.

Symptoms or signs of an illness often reduce gradually, although some symptoms may shift and get better right away to a noticeable degree.  There may be other improvements that weren’t focused on, but come about as a result of the healing.  I ask that you bring to me between one to three conditions you wish to focus on.  Depending on the severity of the condition sometimes only one, and up to three may be covered in a session.

It is Highly Recommended that self-care is given both before, and especially after a surgery session.  Allow yourself time to rest afterwards.  For at least the following 24 hours be easy on yourself and give yourself plenty of rest and care as needed.  Do soak in a salt bath if possible (unless contraindicated by any medical condition) and add whatever ingredients, such as sage or oils, as you are called to do.  Eat the best foods possible for you afterward, and eat as your body calls you to do, please listen to what that is for you.  It is very recommended when possible to make use of green drinks including the blending of parsley, spinach or kale along with apples and/or apple juice, lemon juice and ginger.  Drink plenty of water to flush your system and do include vitamin intake for the follow-up period of your surgery. 



*this is not to be construed as medical advice; please do not follow any of these general self care guides if they are contraindicated by a medical condition or go against the advice of your physician.

CONTACT PORSHA at 609-332-9132 or by email at porsha@psychicsurgeons.com to talk about what healings may be the best fit for you.  All Sessions except for the BARS Release are received internationally by clients in all parts of the world.  Tune into Skype if you would like to meet with Porsha live to have a conversation with her about your own  session.