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Testimonials from Psychic Surgery Clients



"I purchased the GREAT SHIFT PACKAGE which includes ANCESTRAL LINEAGE CLEARING & HEART WALL RELEASE CLEARING TOGETHER. I am happy to say the results were very positive. Yesterday, I felt intense energy around me and circling my upper chakras throughout the majority of the day. I feel lighter. A feeling of great Freedom was over me as it is also today. I was, at first, skeptical of purchasing these psychic services, but I trusted and, thankfully, the experience was amazing. I am still feeling free. My emotions feel at ease. My thoughts have noticeably changed for the better. Spectacular synchronicities occurred.  This was a necessary step in my healing process and the clearing(s) was/were worth every cent I paid."


--V. R., Prairieville, LA



"I have endured painful monthly menses for years, with recurring painful ovarian cysts.  After consulting with Porsha, she went to work with her healing modality and cleared away the cysts.  My periods are now pain-free.

I had extensive varicose veins for 20 years.  They protruded above my skin from my ankle area to my upper thigh.  I was beginning not to be able to walk, and the pain was extensive and I was frightened.  Porsha worked on my leg and the protruding veins completely disappeared.  In addition, I had a blood clot protruding above my skin the size of a golf ball.  Within 2 weeks the clot disappeared!  My leg is completely healed and Porsha spared me from having to spend an estimated $40,000 in surgery fees.

A very complicated tooth extraction left me in severe pain.  No amount of Ibuprofen would remove the pain.  After Porsha worked on my gums and teeth the pain completely went away. 

My cat, Reiki, came into this world with upper respiratory deficiency.  Infection from her upper respiratory system spread to the teeth and gum area.  She was not able to eat.  Porsha was able to help her.  Reiki began eating normally again and looking like her old self."

-- C. C., Charleston , South Carolina



"I’ve recently turned to medical intuitives since other doctors and holistic practitioners have not been able to figure out how to relieve my issues.  So, out of the medical intuitives I’ve consulted with, Porsha is THE most generous healer with her time.  She spends so much time with you, and I feel it’s because she really cares about you as a person. She is so personable and I just felt like she was one of my girlfriends, even though there is quite a few years age difference between us.  In our initial conversation, she was able to pick up on a virus that I knew I’d had past exposure to.  So in my “surgery” she worked on that plus some other things.  I spent about an hour talking to her on the phone after she had already worked on me.  She was very helpful in helping me pinpoint emotional factors that were contributing to my health challenges. I wasn’t sure if anything had really happened but about 2 or 3 days later, I felt extremely tired, which I now realize is a sign of energy shifting in your body.

In talking with Porsha about my struggles, she recommended removing my “heart wall,” which blocks you from receiving… receiving health, abundance, love, and more.  All I know, is that I woke up the next day feeling different. The only way I can describe it is that it felt like my heart was open. There was just this feeling of openness.   I later learned Porsha had worked on this late in the evening while I had been asleep so it made sense that I felt different from one day to the next.

The next thing I did with Porsha was a prayer to end the cycle of “struggle” for me and my family. This was powerful too.  I had been struggling in getting an online business going, but after this work, for the first time, I was able to see myself as a leader, someone other people could look to for mentorship, which is a huge part of my business.

Not only that, but all of a sudden I started having people show interest in my business. And it really seemed like “out of nowhere.”  I feel like I still have some other stuff I need to work on, but this was in incredible and invaluable start to my healing!

Oh… and an incredible thing about Porsha is that she was not afraid to recommend another healer to me to assist me with activating my DNA and other energy healing.  This just showed me that she truly cares about helping people on all levels.

Thank you Porsha."

-- C.V., Austin, Texas

"Sweet Friends,
I want to introduce to you one of the grandest psychic surgeons on the Planet. It is Porsha.   I am sharing this note so that many will be guided and benefited at this time.

My guidance from the Archangels lead me to Porsha.

My husband was not doing well for sometime and the doctors could not diagnose his problem, he condition was getting worse. I knew that he needed something more than a physical healing. I asked the Archangels and many of the earth angels here on the Planet for support and guidance in this time of challenge. Especially beautiful earth angels like Kwan Yin and Dr. Salo Stanley were supporting me with their Sacred Presence. On Friday, the Archangels' message to me was to connect with a psychic surgeon, so I went online and was lead to Porsha's website. 


I called her and she was very compassionate and listened from her heart, and that night, she along with the archangels and ascended surgeons did a cleansing and psychic surgery for my husband. From Saturday onward there is a gradual beautiful change happening for my husband , his body, mind, and soul has received a grand cleansing and healing. I am rejoicing today that he slept well the whole of last night and today we went to see his chiropractor and the chiropractor told us that he has been healed and aligned amazingly, he said that he is healing so fast that he has rarely seen something like that and he was very happy for him.

I am so much in gratitude to Porsha for giving so much of her time and energy to bring health and happiness for humanity. She is a beautiful being of immense love and light, completely living from the higher consciousness. May she be immensely blessed in all that she is doing on the Planet! And may many people be benefited from her wonderful work! May the blessings be!"

-- P. R., Seguin, Texas




"When I came to Porsha, I was physically in regular pain, and emotionally at the end of my rope.  I had a low back injury at L-4, L-5 that was plaguing me for years.  I had no idea what to expect, but after experiencing a group clearing with Porsha earlier and feeling differently, I figured what could it hurt?

It all seemed so simple.  I lay on a massage table, and she worked on me energetically; she seemed to be in a trance, and was listening and talking to the psychic surgeons that assist her.  I got my head and limbs replaced, my heart, kidneys, bladder and some other organs.  Of course, I was not cut with a real knife; it was just her gentle hands going thru each motion of taking out one organ, giving it to spirit, getting a new one and making sure it was in the right place, connected and secure.  Her motions reminded me of a child playing doctor.  I wasn’t sure what to think but decided to be present with the process.  Immediately afterwards, I felt a bit different, but didn’t know what to expect.  Porsha encouraged me to take it easy that night, and not do anything.  As I drove home I began to feel a glow and sense of well-being.  When I arrived in town, I went straight to the beach.  I decided to go for a walk along the waterfront, which I had not done much of previously because of my back pain.  OMG!  My low back pain was gone!  I walked slowly and deliberately, as though it was the first day with my new legs.  I was so surprised and delighted, I could hardly believe it.! My back continues to be stable.  I am so grateful for Porsha’s loving attention.   I would recommend her to anyone who believes in miracles."


-- F. D. , Santa Barbara, CA




"Amazing Grace! Today, I experienced a spontaneous healing with Porsha’s clearing work and guidance. At her recommendation, I ordered a “Spiritual Bath” session. I was lost in the morass of confusion and couldn’t see the forest thru the trees inside of a difficult breakup and highly emotional situation. Porsha’s patience and wisdom helped me have an “aha!” moment that trailed and linked through lifetimes. She walked all the way through the spiritual labyrinth with me, helping me put together the pieces of my own life puzzle, and allowing me to answer my own questions until I got to absolute clarity. I have never experienced a shift so rapid and complete. I do believe this work takes courage and openness to “speed-shift”, because I walked through the door as one person, and emerged afterwards completely anew. The magnitude of my shift, changed my relationship to everything in the Universe. Total allowance! Blessings, Love and Gratitude."


-- K. M.  Boulder, CO




"Holy hell Porsha. You are a miracle. Last night i could hardly sleep with everything going on. Today I was just in pure anxiety and now that you mention it I was noticing some really light feelings. All the negative energy just like left the building."


-- S. P.  Crystal City, VA

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