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Porsha, Psychic Surgeon, Energy Healer, Natural/Alternative HealingPorsha lives in the beautiful coastal area of Tampa/Clearwater, FL and brings the energies of the Gulf of Mexico to you during your healings.   Born into this world at 7:11 am, she was a very inquisitive baby and became very interested in the area of surgery and medicine at an early age. She was fascinated by her mother's school teachers'  anatomy model of major organs as well as a physiology book at home that included plastic overlay plates of the different systems of the human body.

As soon as Porsha could speak she was informing her parents of a past life time and was aware of her guides that surrounded her at the age of 3 that were there to help her.  Throughout her life she has been visited by people she knew who had just died and thought this was "normal".  It was at the age of 28 that she started having big angelic experiences, although her interest in all things angelic started at the age of 21.  She's been doing healing work  since 1998 when she was certified in Reiki I by the healer Elsie Kerns, following an angel class she had taken from her as well .  Porsha also had training in the field of medicine all her adult life, having worked in surgery, pharmaceuticals and then having taken classes in science, psychology, criminal profiling, anatomy, and internal medicine.  She almost completed a degree in a physician assistant program in 2011.  Porsha brings  her vast  knowledge and experience in medicine, plus her intuitive abilities to you when she works with you during healing sessions.

Miracles have always been part of Porsha's life.  She recovered from a deadly type of a meningitis when less than a year old, found her birth parents at the age of 24, and spared herself from a life in a wheelchair  by relearning how to walk when 34 years old.  There's many others sprinkled in between!  She believes that life can be even more than we can imagine.

In addition to the rich spiritual experiences she has had,  plus interactions with her light-being surgical team , two of her greatest teachers that have really empowered her were the native Indian spirits she encountered over the course of a year while attending a Cherokee Sacred Pipe Ceremony and also being taught by the expert shaman dowser, Raymon Grace.  Porsha is certified to do BARS release work and subscribes to many of the teachings of Rikka Zimmerman and Access Consciousness.  She also uses Theta Healing in her daily life.



Below you can listen to an interview describing Porsha's background and her healing work.


Contact Porsha to figure out which healing sessions would be right for you at 609-332-9132 or by email at  Porsha works with clients from all corners of the earth and will meet with you live via Skype to discuss your own session.