The Angels

Assisting Porsha in Energy Healing



Porsha has been involved in the world of healing since 1998 when she first took a class on Angels followed shortly by a Reiki I class.  Before this time angels kept showing up in her life which prompted in her a desire to learn more about them.   Angels are always here to help us with our problems and are so willing to intervene when asked.  Therefore, Porsha calls upon the very loving and supportive Archangels while providing a medical healing to you via psychic surgery.  Each time you receive a healing treatment you are constantly in the presence of Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Uriel & Raphael.   They surround you with great love and support and add to your healing, often staying with you past the session to assist in the receiving  of all the energy work into your physical body.

Porsha has early memories of being in touch with Light Beings such as the Archangels.  At an early age she was aware that these Beings of Light were there to help her during her early childhood.  They gave her great comfort and also brought her the gift of a knowing of an earlier lifetime.  One of her guardian angels who is still watching over her expressed what is was like to have lived together with him during that earlier lifetime when she knew him as her cherished  Pa-Pa.  In addition, the very beautiful and gloriously radiant Archangel of the Lord Gabriel always kept watch over Porsha and revealed his dazzling energy to her during some of her dark days following a divorce in her late 20's.  There have been times since when Gabriel has shown up in Porsha's photographs.  She keeps these out on display in her home so she can be reminded of the essence of the Angels.  Archangel Gabriel is Full of Wisdom, Gentle, yet Firm LOVE, Great Advice & Insight.  Gabriel is the Overseer of Music and is also the Master of the Domain of Communication and Loves to Provide Messages.   Known as the Messenger Angel, Gabriel is so expressive to Porsha, he once showed up during an Angel Reading through her as the vision of a painting of the Annunciation in order to answer a woman's burning question of whether she would get pregnant again after trying for years.  She indeed did so within the year following the session and bore a beautiful baby boy. You too may call upon Beloved Gabriel and ask he be present with you in your life.  He's more than happy to show up!

Porsha at 3 years of ageLoving , Caring, Protective, & Majestic Archangel of the Lord Michael has been there for Porsha as well as Gabriel and has often kept watch over her even when she was a little child.  He made his presence known to her during the period of her late 20's when spiritual awareness was coming into full bloom for Porsha. He has often shown up in Angel Readings and makes himself known to Porsha by letting her hear the metal blade of his sword being quickly drawn from it's sheath.  Protective and Loving Michael is on constant watch to protect and defend all good souls on this earth whenever he is called upon to do so and shows up as the strong Warrior in full armor and his sword drawn ready to swiftly cut away any darkness.  Call upon him for protection, love, and his great compassion.

Beloved Archangel of the Lord Uriel joins in the group of four mighty Archangels who assists in your healing by bringing forth a Violet Flame she cups in her joined hands.  She is beautiful and radiant and with precision is able to use this flame to remove anything that no longer serves you and is holding you back from the beauty within you that is your own Divine Light.

Beloved Archangel of the Lord Raphael attends each healing session and is so ready to assist in the healing of your physical body.  This is his gift to humanity, to be the Overseer of Healing and Wants us to Heal so much that he Lovingly and Efficiently provides his energies and abilities to your own session.  Raphael shows himself as a green-robed angelic light presence who stands tall and ready to contribute his gifts to each and every healing.