The Surgeons
Assisting Porsha with Psychic Surgery


Psychic SurgeryWhile Angels are Beings of Light that typically have not incarnated and lovingly assist us from the Other Side, there are human beings who advance so rapidly as souls that they become what are known as Masters or Ascended Beings of Light that can also assist us from the Other Side.  That means that instead of coming back into a body in another lifetime to assist humanity, they are able to do so while they exist in the ethereal spirit form. The spiritual surgeons that work through Porsha are Ascended Master Level Beings who formerly were surgeons when alive.  They now bring their expertise of a high level surgery through Porsha to work with each person who receives their healing energies.  As Ascended Souls they have access to even greater knowledge than they ever did while alive and bring this extensive medical knowledge and ability to you in your psychic surgery session.

There are four spiritual surgeons who come through Porsha to each client when she provides a psychic surgery healing session.  The spirit surgeons have surrounded her throughout her life, just as angels and guardian angels have.  It was in 1998 when they formally announced their presence to her which actually made perfect sense.  Porsha herself was born with an anatomical mind, being interested in science and physiology since she can remember.  She had access to finding out about these subjects because her mother's Porsha has spiritual surgeons who assist her in her energy alternative healing workscience and physiology books were at her level on a book shelf that she was able to crawl over to when little.  She would flip the pages of plates that depicted the skeletal system, nervous system and major organs of the human body and would be mesmerized by what they showed her.  This must have evoked her first memories of having done this kind of work in previous lifetimes herself.  As a small child, the familiarity of it was all too real to her, it just seemed a natural interest and passion.

Later on, in 1998, the surgeons revealed to Porsha who they were during their final incarnation in which she was with them.   Porsha had also incarnated with them as a member of this group of surgeons that previously cared for soldiers wounded in battles during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century.  Georges and Henri are two of the names of the spiritual surgeons who do the work of the psychic surgery.    Napoleon Buonaparte thought highly of skilled surgeons and honored this select group of surgeons with the distinction of Legion D'Honneur.  It's been a great comfort to Porsha to be reunited with her fellow surgeons in a brand new way, making it possible for others to now receive their very advanced healing system.

When Porsha works with her team fondly known as the Beloved Surgeons, they are working at such an advanced level of medicine that it is not comprehensible in our understanding of science or medicine.  What Porsha is aware of during the procedure is being able to distinguish different colors of the light energy that is used in each person's body.  There are also times when certain messages do come through for the receiver from both the spirit surgeons and the angels.