Results from Psychic Surgery Clients


  • Person who had over 10 years kidney disease received kidney transplant and was in the process of rejecting his new kidney.  The new kidney was his only hope to remain alive and it wasn't working.  The energy from the donor was still in the newly transplanted kidney and a lot of the person's own energies that had to be cleared.  With Porsha's contributions to this person and their kidneys through her work, the man began to have normal range blood work in a few months and in less than a year began to work his old full time position again which he had not been able to do in many years. 

  • Person with Hepatitis C - after 4 months of her psychic surgery transplant procedure by Porsha began to have normal range blood work which she had not experienced in her lab work in over 10 years.  It wasn't looking good for her at the time she originally contacted Porsha.  It was interesting that after one follow-up session the woman had a dream that she had visitors that she felt were not so nice on their way out.  She contacted Porsha very troubled by the dream.  The visitors in her dream seemed to have deficated on her sun porch and she then had to clean it up in her dream state.  If you look below the surface - the visitors were probably the surgeons at work and the gift left behind was the disease being removed from her liver that was on its way out.  Don't worry - this is the only known case so far when someone was able to experience the work in the dream state, although many have reported being able to sleep the best they have ever slept in years after any of Porsha's healings.

  • Person with a rare type of cancer that she had for 10 years that she inherited in her genes.  One of her genes was defective, thus producing lesions that constantly needed surgeries that were disfiguring her.  She received Porsha's psychic surgery and Massive Clearing.  Within two weeks the person was declared cancer-free.

  • A small preemie boy was born underweight with problems involving his laryngeal flap at the back of his throat.  He wasn't able to eat a whole lot and as he was aging was not gaining the weight he should have that he needed to grow.  He already had numerous surgeries by the time he was 5 and his mother didn't want him to endure yet another procedure.  Porsha's psychic surgery was done and within months the little boy starting gaining noticeable weight and was able to eat and grow like he was supposed to.

  • A woman whose daughter was very connected to her experienced symptoms that her mother did.  When the mother received 3 of Porsha's treatments the daughter got up the next morning and announced to her mother all her symptoms went away overnight.

  • A woman with a severe form of mental illness received the psychic surgery package with the Ancestral Lineage Clearing.  Through working with Porsha she discovered most of the symptoms she was experiencing her whole life were not even her own.  They belonged to her mother, who received them from the whole entire lineage on her side.  The way Porsha was receiving the information on the mother's side were exactly how the woman described feeling.  The lineage was cleared along with the massive clearing and psychic surgery she received and she said she woke up a new person and did not have the extreme symptoms she had been experiencing prior to the work.

  • A woman who is an experienced healer called for her husband and said he had been so sick from coughing from a severe lung infection that he could not even sleep through the night for the past two weeks.  He clearly was sick as a dog.  It became clear in speaking with her that he was carrying the burden of the energy of his entire lineage and it was making him sick.  The psychic surgery package with the Ancestral Lineage was done and the following day when he attended his chiropractor, the chiropractor announced that he had NEVER seen a back align like it had in the man - it was in perfect alignment.  The Dr. could not explain this.  The man went home and slept like a baby through the night and has been fine since.

  • A former psychic surgery client returned to Porsha months later and it was decided to get the Great Shift Lineage Clearing with the Heart Wall Clearing for her.  One thing that was unexpected that happened as a result is that her fears regarding when her committed boyfriend might be proposing to her for marriage were dissipated.  She no longer had an anxiety about it.  It was discovered that the long line of her lineage is what had given her reasons to doubt how well it was actually going between them and it just wasn't her stuff.  She no longer had to live with that as a burden and was able to freely accept  and receive that he really did love and care for her and her feelings of doubt were no longer necessary.  How Much Better Does it Get Than That?

  • One awakened soul that contacted Porsha for healing work received the Great Shift Package. She even had an awareness that part of her mission on this planet was to clear her families lineage and karma.  Afterwards she declared that she felt like a new person when she had awoken the following morning.  Within the following weeks she was able to begin putting into place some of her business ideas, as she had felt before this that she was struggling too much and had a feeling of being stuck where she was.  She felt like her life was changing in a good way.  How Does It Get Any Better Than This?

The Common Comments that are reported are: " I feel like a new person",  " I feel like a different person", " I feel like a new me", "I slept better than I have in years", "I feel light in my heart space", & " I feel lighter [overall]"

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