Experience a Spa Treatment for Your Soul with Psychic Surgeon Porsha

In-Person Sessions in Tampa/Clearwater, FL
(formerly of Malibu, CA)


  • Porsha, Psychic Surgeon | Energy / Alternative HealingWhat if you were able to heal your body from the inside out?
  • What if your illness was an indication of something deeper going on in your life that can be worked out or cleared while your body accepts healing energy? 
  • What are the possibilities to healing your body and your self?
  • What if there was a way to unlock your true potential of who you are?
  • Are you ready to clear things that have been holding you back or causing imbalance in your life?
  • Do you have flow in the areas of abundance , health, relationships, or opportunities?
  • Are you tired of feeling stuck or struggling along?
  • Do you have medical conditions that are undiagnosable or hard to treat?
  • Are you a survivor of rape, incest, or sexual abuse?
  • Are you tired of the same old patterns that keep showing up in close relationships you're seeking? 
  • Is it time for you to let go of past energies and patterns from other partners so that you can invite in what you're really looking for?
  • Are you a healer or light-worker trying to adjust in your changing physical body to the new 5-D energies? 
  • Are you a star seed who is trying to adjust to this planet ? 

Do you have any of these conditions?:

Breast Cancer  -  Prostate Cancer  -   Cancer in other areas  -  Ovarian Cysts  -   Heart Disease   -  Tumors - Venereal Disease  -  Varicose Veins  -  Mental Illness & Depression  -  Systemic Bacterial ,   Viral,  or  Fungal Infection  -  HIV  -   Blindness  -   Hepatitis  -  Neck Problems  -   Fertility Issues / Either Male or Female  - Autism   -  Allergies  -  Asthma



Are you feeling out of place?

I care for a lot of healers who just need their stuff
cleared out of their way before they take off and soar!

  • As a star seed, healer, or light-worker are you experiencing symptoms you never had before as part of the Great Shift taking place on our planet?
  • Are you an "old soul" who has come here for a mission?
  • Are you having problems feeling in your body?
  • Do you feel like you're in alignment with where you need to be with your soul's blueprint?
  • Have you been struggling with letting go of the old paradigm?

In emailing or speaking with you I am able to tune into what is the best treatment for you which includes the Psychic Surgery Total Healing Package that covers your medical ailments and what needs to be cleared from you prior to the surgery itself.  This may include an Ancestral Lineage Clearing when the illness is linked to the Ancestral Line.  As part of a follow-up, a Heart Wall Clearing is a good idea to free you up from blocks to receiving into your life.  Maintenance items include the Massive Clearing by itself, the healing Spiritual Bath Session, an Angel Reading, or pet healings you can offer to your furry loved-ones.  If you'd like to check in on how your relationship is going, or if you're stumped by a current partner, let's find out what is really going on with the Sexual Healing and Compatibility Session.  If you wish to clear sexual abuse from your body and being get the Spiritual Rape Kit. If your One True Beloved and you are in each other's lives now and you wish to clear all past energies to start fresh, please ask me about the Soulmate / Couples Clearing Session.  I am available for Access Consciousness BARS sessions in-person to assist you in opening your own consciousness wide up and also to have miracles show up too.


Below is an interview with Porsha, explaining the work that I do. Visit my Meet Porsha page to listen to another interview!



I do sessions in person in Clearwater, Florida, and the surrounding area including Tampa and St. Petersburg. I also do long distance sessions by phone for anywhere in the US (or anywhere in the world via email). All Sessions except for the BARS Release are received internationally by clients in all parts of the world.  Tune into Skype if you would like to meet with Porsha live to have a conversation with her about your own session.

Contact Porsha by phone 609-332-9132 or email porsha@psychicsurgeons.com and see what type of healing work would be a good fit for you.


Just for reading, here's a free video about preparing for a physical surgery in a hospital. Enjoy, and my hope is that it is helpful for you.